I started creating media as a way to share the things I am most passionate about with others. That includes activities like BMX/MTB, skateboarding, snowboarding, motorcycles, and really anything that includes being outside. I worked with Original Skateboards for 6 years creating media for their marketing all over the world and when I left in 2016 I was head of the video department. Since then I have been working freelance which has involved a lot of traveling and great memories.


Jay Cagney

Jay Cagney is a creator of all things media. He came from an action sports background and creates work based around people's passions.
Currently based in Denver, Colorado. 


Additional clients include:
Red Bull, Redbulletin, GoPro, Progressive Insurance, Harley Davidson, I Love NY, Leomo, Craftsy


Follow my current happenings at @jaycagney